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I don’t care if I have a million followers on this platform or none at all. I choose to remain anonymous because it's NOT about me. Though I’m from the American midwest, I now live overseas as an Expat in Japan by choice and I’ve “Sojourned” long enough in this strange magical land (more than 20 years) that I believe all of my education and life experiences have given me a unique perspective on the world’s troubles and this is what I choose to write about them from A Sojourner In Exile‘s perspective.

I am a political atheist who gave up on the religion of politics long ago. I support no party nor do I favor a specific political ideology and I don’t vote. I am first and foremost a person of faith, an advocate of natural law, individual rights and personal liberty. I observe the world we live in from an outsiders point of view and write about them.

You don’t have to agree with me nor I with you to engage in a simple conversation on the happenings of the passing scene. Who knows, maybe we’ll both learn something from each other in the process.

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A double shot of Reality served straight up with a dash of Sarcasm served on ice with a Spiritual chaser - Observations on Life, Faith, Survival while living "In Exile"


A Sojourn In Exile

Adjunct Associate Professor, Christian, Political Atheist, advocate of living simply, natural law, individual rights, liberty and personal responsibility!